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How do you run the Linux version?

sorry i dont known , but try to run it becous i have no linux system

thanks to give it your interest

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don't spam submit you game to random jam man, it's really annoying

i don't really like click and wait rpg so yeah, i cant really give you a feedback, but improve your english, it's still understandable, but i wish it was better

It's amazing if the whole game made in only 2 day though


Hi, your game has been removed from Trijam, as your game was made prior to the starting date of the jam.


Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


I came from the Trijam and could see straight away this wasn't made for that Jam. 

Still wanted to give you some feedback though.  When you open menus/bags, make a method that closes all other menus. I didn't play much longer to be honest as well it had nothing to do with the Jam I was in.

Looks like a cute little game.  Keep working on it. 

I don't know if adding it to random Jams is your best option though. It kind of just annoys people and they will ignore it. 


Your game has been removed from the OpenGameArt Summer Game Jam 2020. Your project does look very good, but it does not comply with the rules of the jam.

Rules(in part)

 2) You MUST use a minimum of 6 Game Assets from (You can use other assets as well, so long as you have the rights/permissions to use.) If you are unable to find anything suitable for your project on OGA, you can create your own assets, but you should upload them to OGA website BEFORE the end of the jam so they can be considered as part of the 6 asset rule. By doing so you are also contributing to a great community, and we would love to see it.

 3) You must credit the Author of the assets used, even if it's not required by the license. (Because this is nice thing to do)

- Please ensure you follow the license/s  correctly for the assets you use. (for full details click on the asset license link)

4) You must have 'Credits' of the assets used in game from OpenGameArt within the games page description/game comments, or in game.

sorry i making a new one which uses


Your project looks like it has a lot of depth to it. Must of taking you quite some time to make. How long you have you been working on this project?

past 12 days per day 4-7 hours

well i try make another for this jam

thanks for asking


Hey, thanks for submitting Wolf Hunter to the I Can't Write jam. One of our jam's rules is that the game ought to be story-based and also should mostly be made within the jam period. As you submitted this game at the start of the jam and the game looks fairly complex, it's not really in the scope so I've delisted it from the jam. Thanks for understanding. 

I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON PROJECT FOR THIS GAME JAM .  i promise  i am able to sumbit it

sorry for this worng 


Please support Developer 

thanks you !